An Adorable Moment Of A Giant Wolf Plays With A Wildlife Worker

Wolves are so wonderful and magnificent, and they are still wild beasts. So, the last thing to hope for is to be around one. But this isn’t the problem for this woman, who actually has adored playing with a Giant timber wolf.

The woman in the photos, named Danielle works as a caretaker at the Colorado Wildlife Center. Obviously, she’s pretty good fond of wolves. But she’s completely in love with one in specific – the 8-year-old wolf named Kekoa. Every time they see, Danielle and the wolf just act like kids and they just can’t stop hugging each other. Not long ago, the preservation center released video footage of Danielle and adorable Kekoa playing in the snow. Needless to mention our hearts got melted right away!

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Danielle has a passion for animals and nature. So, these wild wolves have her heart and she is honored to have been accepted into their wolf pack!”

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Kekoa which means the Courageous One of Native Americans came to Colorado from Florida. Kekoa was brought his sister Sakara with him. “An attractive young male with a gentle personality”, how the Wolf Preserve center’s site describes Kekoa, the magnificent wolf that weighs 116 lbs. Despite his size, Kekoa is a friendly and very gentle animal. He loves to welcome visitors with a wolf kiss.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

h.t: MailOnline

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