The baby elephant stops walking and gets angry in the middle of the road

Kids are the most cute and wonderful souls on the earth. The time that spend with them never get bored. It is a blessing. I mean, mostly. Because there are times when little kids, especially little ones scream like the end of the world is coming.

As a parent, it’s hard to know what to do when things like this happen, so you can put an end to anger as quickly as possible. Other than that, not only human parents but also animals have to deal with this problem. Take a look at the elephant mother in the video below. When her baby gets angry in the middle of the road, she quickly rallies and does the best the mothers can do: she handles the situation!

I am not sure what will happen next! Watch the funny scene, below!


We waited for a few minutes and then the females and other elephants ate the grass by the side of the road and went to the roadside bush, “explained Antonio da Cruz, who saw the whole scene.” After peeling off the tail several times, he looked at his mother and she went further into the bush and spoke to his bluff, who quickly got up, gave us a look, and then ran after her.


Mother elephant does not seem to worry too much and knows that if she cools down, the anger will go away quickly. This is a brand new level of fun! If these beautiful scenes do not brighten your day.

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