Cute Little Seal Poking Heads From Hole To Get Help

An adorable baby seal was poking its head out from a hole to seek help from the people.
People noticed an adorable baby seal when walking along a beach on St Mary’s Island in White Bay, North Tyneside, England.

While noticing a seal, people thought it was fine and just chilling on the rocks for a while. But people find out that it was trapped between rocks and couldn’t manage to get out.

People got terrified, and they immediately reported to St Mary’s Seal Watch. Volunteers from the organization arrived to save her and confirmed that the seal got trapped while getting across the rocks.

The poor little seal waited patiently until the help arrived. Experienced volunteers from the wildlife organization deal with the situation and work together to help her get out. Finally, they could lift her out from the rocks and move her to safety.

“Normally, when seals appear stuck, they will manage to get themselves out, but this poor thing was well and truly trapped,” St. Mary’s Seal Watch wrote on Facebook.

Thankfully, volunteers pull her out safely without any injury. She was completely unharmed, and when everything seemed fine, they released her back into the sea.

The seal was lucky and spotted early, and the rescuers and volunteers could rescue it in time without any harm or injury.

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