Man jumps An Icy Cold Water To Save a Dog

On an icy chilly early morning, Don Chatten from New York was walking with his 2 dogs early in the morning.

A woman showed up close to him in a rush and requested his aid to find her small dog, which was shed in the park. Without refusing, he guarantees she aid discover the dog. After searching for a time, he figured out that dog was sinking in icy water in Ellicott Creek Park.


Not long after locating the dog, Don understood the threat and decided to act fast, and he understood that he really did not have much time to save her.

According to WKBW News, Don called 911. However, he feared they may be too late to rescue the poor dog himself. He came right into activity and tried to creep through the ice.

Yet the ice damaged, diving him waist-deep right into the icy waters. “I knew it wasn’t actual deep in this component since I used to come right here when I was a kid,” Don informed WKBW Information.

The pet was shivering with chilly and was instantly taken to the vet to be checked out. After the examination, the vet validated the pet dog was risk-free.

Don has actually done a brave activity without any fear. He chooses to save a pet in a life-and-death situation; be worthy of the title of ‘hero.’

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