A wild white Lion saved from a lifetime of Suffering.

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What would the mighty lion do without his bite? The narrative is about Aslan, a nine-year-old beautiful white lion with decaying and broken-off canines. Imagine his anguish!

Kevin Richardson, a lion whisperer for many years, tells the story. Animals are like his kids. So he felt distressed by the lion’s situation. He claims that Suffering has made Aslan aloof, impatient, and violent. He has also withdrawn from pride.

You’ve probably heard of Kevin. He runs the self-sustaining Kevin Richardson Wildlife preserve. Clearly, He has a special bond with the lion pride in South Africa. Aslan, too!

A lion’s teeth must function properly. So rehabilitating the lion’s canines was the primary goal. Fixodent has made it happen sooner than intended. The lion was about to regain his bite strength. More than that, he was about to be free of his agony.

The tooth-fixing surgery took about 6 hours. Four teeth were repaired by the mission’s completion. They everything went fine.

Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp said he had a persistent infection. Also, Aslan spent extra time recovering and on antibiotics at the sanctuary before rejoining the pride!

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