After 25 years in the circus, a black bear enjoys a Sun Bath.

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Natural creatures should always be left alone in the wild. However, it will always follow the laws of nature, no matter how dangerous its environment may be. Circuses are terrible in so many ways because wild animals belong to the wild. While some circuses treat their animals properly, their lack of freedom is never delighted.

What matters more than animals’ freedom and happiness? This story is about Toshka, an elderly bear that spent 25 years in a circus. After 25 years of boredom, he was rescued and taken to a refuge in Satanov, Ukraine, for “rehabilitation and life support.”

Toshka is shown taking a refreshing shower after being transferred to the refuge in Ukraine. Cool showers in the circus were a dream. That’s why he takes every chance he gets to chill off under the sun.

These heart-warming moments were quickly captured on camera and posted online, touching millions of people’s hearts. Because of this, Toshka used to be afraid and hide all day. Toshka may now live out his life in peace and love thanks to the sanctuary staff’s kindness and comfort.

“Toshka was quite terrified of people: he didn’t leave the bushes for two weeks,” recalls a sanctuary employee. He used to be a circus bear, but now he’s here for treatment and life support.” “Care and attention warmed his heart,” recalls another devoted Toshka staffer.

His new hobby is sunbathing. He sits down and sit for hours.” If this tale touches your heart, why not tell your family and friends?

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