On a snowy day at a fire station in Canada, a stray cat asks to come in.

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It was very cold outside, so a stray cat came under the fire station window. Hopeful: She hoped that people at the station would help her. It was the Steinbach Fire Department in Canada, which is where it was. An employee of the fire station saw that a cat was staring out the window at him, and he thought it was weird. It was a cold evening, and she had nowhere to go, so she kept sitting under the window.

Let her into the room. During the night, the people thought she would get cold. It looked dirty and really hungry. And she purred back at them.

When Kelvin moved in, he already had four cats. He was always happy to give her a short stay at his house. Amber was named by him, and she was very pretty. The next day, he took her to the vet. As long as the tips of her ears didn’t freeze, she was in good shape.

They thought someone had lost their cat. That’s why she’s been getting all the attention on Facebook. So, after a few days, they took her to the vet. A doctor gave her a vaccine while she was in the hospital. There were ear mites on her, too.

Some firefighters had to make her a cat for the fire station. There are days off at the station, and there is no one to look after her.

Because they need to give her to a long-term owner. Finally, they found a family to adopt her. Let’s pray for her to live a long, healthy life.

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