The Postman brings letter to a dog that waits for it every day.

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Martin Studer is a postman in Brisbay, Australia. His daily route meets a dog that waits for a post. Who might you ask? None other than a golden retriever named Pippa is to blame for the beautiful dog in this picture.

There was no doubt that Pippa was excited about Martin’s visit because she ran to the gate as soon as she saw him.

Pippa is a very happy dog who loves taking mail to her owners. If Martin doesn’t have any mail for her, Pippa’s heart breaks because she can’t make her owners happy by getting them their mail.

Asked in an interview: “I thought I had to come up with away.” His idea was brilliant: When he had nothing else to give the dog, he wrote “Mail for Pippa” in a letter and sent it to her. She was very excited when she got the letter. Pippa and the people in the neighborhood love this Australian Postman because of this kind of act.

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