This Story Proves That Friendship has no bounds

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These two great Danes’ names are Bambino and Vito. Their neighbor Giussepe is a labrador retriever. The three dogs met on a walk and have since grown close and spent a lot of time together. Despite their closeness, the wall separating the houses stood in the way. Vito and Bambino reached over the fence to greet their Great Dane friends. Petite Labrador had trouble reaching the fence to greet his friends. They saw Giuseppe jump many times, trying to reach his big friends to say hello.

Giuseppe’s owners decided to help him after noticing the dogs’ strong bond. They put an old highchair by the fence from their closet. The delighted Labrador jumped on board and greeted his friends on the other side.

Giuseppe can now cheerfully greet and connect with his neighbors again. This Story of Giuseppe, Vito, and Bambino shows us that true Friendship has no bounds.

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