Beagle treats two kittens as her own babies and feeds them too.

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Most dogs are naturally friendly and loyal, but some aren’t. So do the Beagle. They are the kind of dog that everyone would fall in love just a few minutes. This story from Britain also talks about the quality of the breed and how it was born.

Daisy is a beagle female who lives in the village of Staplehurst in Kent, in the United Kingdom. She is very friendly. She was a good and kind dog. When her owner brought two little kittens into the family. But she worried about getting all pets under one roof.

It didn’t take long for Daisy to become friends with the two new kittens brought in. She was afraid. But she couldn’t even think about what would happen. Then, not only did she become a friend to them, but she also became a real mother for them.

There were no other dogs near them. She slept in the same box as them and was always there to protect them. Even when her maternal feelings started to come back, they led to her milk coming out of the dog.

The kittens aren’t getting enough food from the vet’s office. Some people think that would be the reason why Daisy began to milk. And the truth is that kittens don’t have to be afraid of dog milk at all.

Maybe her love for the kittens will last a long time. As for the kittens, having a mom like this is a good thing for them. Keep their love for each other.

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