A happy puppy jumps for delight at the beach.

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When I was a Child I first saw the beach, I leaped for pleasure. So, today’s story is about an enthusiastic dog who has the same reaction every time she visits the beach. The Tofu was always unique among dogs and we can call him a happy puppy. She’s a spunky puppy that can’t wait for new adventures. After all, her reaction to her favorite spot, the beach, is pure ecstasy.


Who wouldn’t giggle at a happy, thrilled puppy? Tofu’s human mother, Ashleigh MacPherson, was initially embarrassed by Tofu’s reaction to the ocean, but she got used to it.


Seeing your furry compatriot happy makes you joyful and proud. “She still barks like crazy,” Ashleigh said in an interview. Her favorite location to go is the beach. People we met on our walk would smile when they saw her happy.


Tofu’s siblings and other beach dogs can’t keep up no matter how hard they try. Tofu’s enthusiasm for the seashore is somewhat special.


“My second dog tried to join in, but her jumping skills weren’t as impressive,” she adds. They were confused by this crazy, jumping, loud, ginger fox-looking dog.”


So pleasant to see a dog like Tofu enjoy the small pleasures in life, and we should all strive to find a small bit of her happiness.

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