An old dog still likes to snuggle with a banana toy.

“Domestic dog” is a term that refers to any one of the many different breeds of dogs in the world today. Most people keep dogs as pets, but many breeds can live on their own and are very independent. But without a doubt, they became best friends with many people and other animals, too. Today we are presenting a banana toy friend.

Let’s meet Tessa, a terrier mix 20 years old. She loves snuggling her favorite toy, a plush banana. Five years ago, another foster dog ate her favorite toy, so this one was made for her.

A pet store had it on sale, but I knew it was the right size for her. She ate the banana right away when I gave it to her.

Also, Tessa loves to show off her toy to everyone who comes over. As a matter of fact, she won’t give up until she gets what she wants.
For some fun, when Tessa is old and deaf, people need to yell out to her, “Tessa! I like your banana.” This keeps her interested.

Image Credit & More Info; shannaloren/instagram

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