meet keira and kala best hugging Friends

Nowadays, so many pets end up in shelters. Some animals are adopted and start a new chapter in their lives, but the only option is to put them down for others. What a sad scenario for dogs, and it kills my heart to watch them in. But even if we wanted to help these guys, our hands were tied. Today’s story is about two best hugging friends.

Keira and Kala, two Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Atlanta pups, seemed doomed. Despite being loved and well-trained, the puppies were set to be euthanized due to long-term unadoption. In a last-ditch effort to save the two dogs, the shelter employees posted a photo of them cuddling on Facebook.

“I’m Kala,” the caption reads. Keira here. We’re terrified here. The shelter workers perceive our fear but only tell us that today is our deadline. If we are not saved, she will be taken from me. I’ll see her down the hall. Then I’ll weep. Then I won’t be as brave.”

After the dramatic image went viral in minutes, a man saved Kala and Kiera. “There are no words to express our joy that these two greatest friends are safe and together!” exclaimed the shelter workers. Thankfully, the pups are happy in their new home, and their story has a happy conclusion.

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