A rescued lion and a squirrel have a heartwarming moment together.

He is an old lion. He had a bad history. He lived in a private zoo in Mexico for the rest of his life. It is a small cage. Due to that situation, He was both physically and mentally affected by the difficult life. The good news is that a local animal welfare group found him just in time.

After finding him, they asked for help at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. Their kindness made them happy to help. Then, Guero was brought to the United States, where he got the medical care he needed to be healthy again.

Image credits Facebook/TheWildAnimalSanctuary

Then the lion was moved to an animal sanctuary where he could finally live in peace. People say it looks like he got used to his new home very quickly and made new friends, too.

He had old scars on both his body and his soul. But it looks like this huge man still has an emotional and lovely heart inside him.

Image credits Facebook/TheWildAnimalSanctuary

One day, he was seen with a squirrel who visited him in his cage. They took a picture of it with a camera, and it was a heartwarming moment. Guero even shares his food with a few people who came to visit. Their friendship is going well.
He doesn’t look afraid of this 13-striped ground squirrel. After the meal break, Guero would love to have his whipping cream. The squirrel also likes it. As time goes on, it is becoming more and more common for it to happen now. The two of them have an adorable relationship.

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