This Boy Builds A Lego Wheelchair For Rescued Disabled Puppy

Would you abandon a child born without limbs? Would you do that?

So how can someone abandon a dog due to a flaw?

Gracie had a terrible birth and a difficult puppyhood. Her owners determined she was surplus to requirements because of her disability of front paws.


Gracie’s life was turned upside down when she was found by some wonderful strangers. They took her to a shelter, where Gracie tried to survive.


After the treatments, the Turley family chose to adopt her. And they’ve already treated one paralyzed dog and another with a missing limb. So they’re kind of experts.


But Gracie has a minor issue; she can’t move. She was too big for a wheelchair. So, while the family was thinking of a solution, Dylan, 12, had an idea. He built a Lego wheelchair!

And how lovely it was for Gracie. Above all, it is affordable and adjustable. So Dylan can mend Gracie no matter how huge. Constructing this amazing wheelchair took around two weeks.

First, she had trouble getting used to the wheelchair. But she didn’t just walk. She ran like other dogs.

Gracie grew up, and now she gets to spend her days with her favorite humans.

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