A freediver meets a large blue whale off Sri Lanka’s coast

Swimming with spectacular aquatic life is a dream come true for those who adore it. Life isn’t always enough to achieve that goal, but some are luckier than others! Today we meet you a large blue whale off Sri Lanka’s coast.

This gang of free divers has long wanted to see a blue whale – the world’s largest gigantic! Their desire came true recently, and the results are nothing short of astounding!

Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud, both skilled divers, have gone all over the world to encounter the elusive blue whales. But they finally met the enormous beasts of the Sri Lankan coast.

Swimming with a blue whale was one of Marianne’s wildest and most unattainable dreams. “”We were lucky to encounter a massive bunch of sperm whales in Sri Lanka. They could be one to fifteen subjects in groups but near together.”

The three divers had two encounters with these amazing creatures during their expedition. The gang spent over 40 hours in the water for an adventure of a lifetime.

“”Finally, after 40 hours in the sea, we got to see the blue whale twice. “”Forty hours for a few seconds was worth it,”” Marriane remarked. “”I was returning to the boat when I found myself face to face with her [blue whale]! She approached. I shifted, looking for her eyes in such a big animal! She is magnificent, coated in remora.

Their amazing diving adventure also included swimming with a pod of sperm whales, which intrigued the divers! “”We found a massive group of sperm whales,”” she remarked. “”Some dozed, but most sank deeper, and one paused to observe us.”

Images Credits : Fisheye Freediving

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