Off the coast of Florida, a diver comes face-to-face with a Bull shark.

Divers off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, have come face-to-face with bull sharks. This is the moment. The man even took many pictures of the scary-looking creature and put them on the internet.

He is a photographer and a fan of sea life. It doesn’t matter how many times the 55-year-old diver has come across sharks. This one was by far the biggest one he has ever seen! Shark: This is a pregnant female bull shark with other bull sharks. They were hunting for food near the surface of the water.

Instagram/John Moore


In the words of the photographer, “She was an unusually large female.” There is a good chance that the woman was pregnant because she had never skipped a meal. She was a mighty shark, confidently coming right up to me during our dive.

Instagram/John Moore


Moore has since shared amazing photos on Instagram, where he always posts pictures of the sharks he sees while driving.

Instagram/John Moore


It was “a very close look at the very impressive serrated teeth of a large female Bull shark,” he wrote. Fish had grabbed the chunk of bait and ran toward me for cover, but then got scared and dropped it. This set me up for a picture that was even too close for my 20mm lens to get.


When Moore met bull sharks, he didn’t feel very at ease. Even though he has a lot of experience with sharks, this wasn’t the best experience. Even more dangerous than great white sharks and tiger sharks are these species. These monsters can be as tall as 11 feet and weigh 1,500 pounds each.

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