A lucky photographer was surprised by a cheetah while in Savannah.

If you look at this picture, this is Sasan Amir. He’s 27 years old and lives in Germany. He often goes to the African savannah to take great photos and videos of the animals.

Predators usually have a special place in their work. Recently, he was in a very unusual situation.

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

He was in an “ambush,” and he watched the savannah for good shots while he was there. Then he saw that a wild cheetah was going right for him. Sasan was scared and started to rise slowly, showing the beast that he knew he was coming and that he was ready to fight back.

The cheetah paused for a moment and took some time to think about what to do next. He kept moving towards Sasan. So he sniffed the photographer and then rubbed his head against him and put his arm around him as if he was going to hug him.

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

Then, “He needs to talk.” “He even started to purr like a cat,” says Sasan.

It took him a while to figure out what a fantastic story had just happened to him. A wild animal could speak to him at arm’s length, so he was very lucky and grateful for that.

He didn’t show any aggression at all at the moment. He even licked Sasan a lot, like they’ve known each other for a long time. Fortunately, the cameras were close by, so he could get some unique shots of him and a wild animal. To touch the animals was very rare, and he was fortunate to do that even though there were no risks to his life or health. This is what he did.

Sasan Amir / Courtesy of Caters News

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