Firefighters help donkeys fleeing California Wildfire.

The brave firefighters who fight the California wildfires are also kind. So when two firefighters stumbled across a weary pair of donkeys, they hurried to aid them, proving that there is always hope if there is goodwill!

The Sacramento Fire Department’s Gary Loesch and Chris Harvey removed a fallen tree from a road in Paradise, California. They expected nothing but ashes as they drove through a region devastated by wildfires. Then they noticed something in the smoke. Two donkeys were desperately trying to escape.

Facebook/Sacramento Fire Department

The firefighters rushed to the aid of the helpless animals. Heavily dehydrated, they clearly need water and sustenance. So the rescuers gave the donkeys their water and lunch.

Facebook/Sacramento Fire Department

“We stopped to let them pass and realized they were fatigued, worn out, and thirsty,” Harvey told The Dodo. “I tried to give them water from my hand, but it kept pouring. Then we handed them apples, which they ate quickly and gratefully.”

Facebook/Sacramento Fire Department

The firefighters informed Animal Control about the donkeys and gave them water and apples. They didn’t leave until animal control authorities came. “We called the base camp and requested animal control officers,” Harvey added.

No one is left behind with strong and courteous firefighters like Harvey and Loesch!

h.t: thedodo

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