Mother bear brings newborn baby to show her human friend

Bears are notoriously dangerous predators. But they have tender hearts. 

This story shows a man’s remarkable bond with a black bear.

Patrick Conley is from Asheville, NC, where black bears are prevalent, and many are friendly. Over time, this mommy bear became close to Patrick. She came to meet him with her cubs.

The US bear population is increasing, and the bears are adapting to human life.

Simone, the mother bear, greets the human. Clearly, Patrick was used to it. But she brought her pups to see him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the cute cubs following their mother.

Patrick already knew Simone well. So it was like meeting a new relative. This photo illustrates Simon’s ease with Patrick. She walks directly onto the porch, her newborn cubs trailing after. The babies were not as happy as their mother. They pause before leaping onto the porch. But they’re all on the porch to greet Patrick.

The normally fierce bear is friendly with Patrick, and she even trusts him. It was a fun day for all. At the moment, The cubs rush to the nearest tree to climb and play. Simone trailed them closely. The babies seem to adjust.

Momma says it’s time to depart after exploring, climbing, and playing. Then they vanish into the woods.


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