The fearless small dog defends the house from a mountain lion

In this video, a brave little dog teaches the world that a hero doesn’t have to be big to save the day. The brave dog wants his family to know they can always trust him. He will not hesitate to protect his loved ones. Fearful mom caught the dog’s bravery on tape!

Sarah Bole, fresh from work, walked inside her house and saw Dash, her tiny dog, staring down a mountain lion. The woman was afraid despite the glass back door separating them. Sarah trembled while her courageous dog stood still and watched the ferocious cat’s every move, but Dash ignored her.

Sarah Bole

Sarah Bole says a large, massive mountain lion is on our patio. “He wants my dog… It’s scary, I’ll admit.”

Sarah has never seen a mountain lion before despite living in a wooded location between Grand Lake and Granby, Colorado. “We’ve always known there are mountain lions up here, but you do your job,” Sara told Sky-Hi News. Then he looked into my dining room from 5 feet away.

Sarah Bole

The wild cat tried to reach out to the tiny puppy through the window, tapping it with its huge paw. But the brave dog’s tail still wags. After a few minutes, the huge beast grows bored and retreats into the woods.

Sarah Bole

That my small puppy wasn’t coming to welcome me, and then I looked up and saw the mountain lion frozen on the patio in mid-step,” Sarah said. “The video starts there. I thought the cat couldn’t get in, but it’s tapping on the glass from 5 feet away.

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