A rabbit eats a snowman’s carrot nose.

Snowmen are everywhere this time of year, and it turns out that not just children are delighted to see them, but also beautiful animals like deer and bunnies. It’s only a matter of perception; these furry gents adore them not because of their massive snow content but rather because of their adorably orange noses. It’s not as if they’re to blame, right?


That’s why this Calgary, Canada, family decided to build a snowman in front of their home, thinking that the only threat it would face was the light. Unfortunately, they were incorrect. The Bryant family’s snowman’s nose was nibbled by a tiny cute creature in no time at all. Of course, the family had no choice but to enjoy themselves and snap pictures of the endearing scene.

In any event, the Bryants had no idea the brief video would garner so much attention online, but it quickly kept the headlines with people falling in love with the fairytale-like situation. As the family is recording the hungry bunny biting on the unfortunate snowman’s nose, they can be heard saying, “Just giving the snowman a kiss.”


Noseless snowmen have apparently been victimized by vicious attacks by bunnies before. People have even written a poem about this because it happens so frequently.

The poem reads, “There was a small snowman with a carrot nose.” Then, what do you suppose, a rabbit appeared?” Nibble, Nibble, crunch!” the hungry rabbit shouted as he devoured the snowman’s nose.

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