As soon as his mother doesn’t want him, the tiny foal finds comfort in a big teddy bear.

A rescued foal has the best relationship with a huge bear.
As he is called, Breeze was left by his mother soon after he was born. The Dartmoor Hill pony is lucky because a farmer found him and called the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, UK. After they arrived at the scene, the foal was in terrible health. Because he was confused and not drinking enough water, everyone was afraid for his health and life.

The little one, for some reason, found the comfort he needed. And it didn’t come from an adoptive mother or staff members. It came from a big teddy bear that his caregivers gave him, and he was delighted to get it from them.
Even though Breeze’s mother hasn’t been around to keep him company yet, the sanctuary’s executive director says that’s not a good thing. “It’s been great to see him play with his new toys and snuggle up to them when he goes to sleep.” They are great company for him and help him feel better when his caregivers are not around.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Some people say that the sanctuary gives stuffed toys to orphaned animals. “We always give our orphaned foals a big, soft toy as a friend,” Bowden said. Because it makes them feel safe, they’re just like babies.

The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

As for Breeze, after a couple of very important weeks when he got a special milk formula and the right medicine, he’s feeling great now. It’s not just him. His teddy bear friend is also to blame. “Bowden said that he’s getting bigger and stronger every day,” we say. “He’s just started to go outside to play. He’s not afraid of anything and loves being outside.”

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