A massive lion roars then smile at the photographer.

A wildlife photographer is an ideal job for an animal enthusiast. They always get the chance to meet Mother Nature and her wonderful beings!

Gren Sowerby is fortunate. The 69-year-old British photographer has dedicated his life to his passion, wildlife photography. Gren confesses he has the perfect work and enjoys every moment spent with wild animals. Last month, he experienced the “shock of his life” in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Gren Sowerby / SWNS

The photographer observed a beautiful lion 40-50 feet distant on a safari. So he prepared for some stunning photographs with the forest monarch. Only the king chose to swindle Gren.

Gren Sowerby / SWNS

The South West News Service reported that Sowerby received the fright of his life while taking photos of the lion. Then, he smiled at me like when someone winks at you to say: ‘Haha!’

The massive lion roared at the photographer, then smiled at him. No matter how dangerous it was, Gren stayed and captured the rare scene!

The images were great, but I didn’t look at them until home. I go on these safaris often and love photographing animals. Their environment has conditioned them to cars and tourists,” Gren Sowerby argues. “Capturing the King of the Jungle is always a challenge, and I’m glad I did.”

Gren Sowerby / SWNS

But this isn’t the first time a fierce lion has been playful. A video of a lion hilariously waking up a lioness went viral earlier this year. See it!

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