A sea otter caught A Shark

Everyone was shocked when they saw a sea otter having sex with a small shark. People who take pictures of wildlife off the coast of California caught this moment. Photos show that the sea other hugs the little shark in a big way. Whether it was a hug or the otter was trying to get its food isn’t clear. However, the moment is truly amazing!

This is the first time that a sea otter has brought a shark to the surface of the water. Sea otters usually dive into the water to get their food, but this is the first time that one has brought a shark to the surface of the water. That makes the moment even more enjoyable.

“If you watch sea otters long enough, you’ll see a fair amount of bottom-dwelling sea life brought to the surface because the otters are hungry or curious.” This is the first time we’ve seen a sea otter and this animal interact in a “foraging-like” way.

Facebook/Sea Otter Savvy

This little shark might never know what the otter was thinking about, but after a few minutes of cuddling, they broke up.

Facebook/Sea Otter Savvy

As far as I know, “this is the first time we have seen a horn shark caught by an otter.” California Department of Fish and Wildlife official Michael D. Harris told the San Jose Mercury News. They say otters have been known to catch fish, but this is the first time a shark has been caught. They will eat fish, but it’s very rare to see them in California. But it’s hard to say what the otter did with it.

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