It’s lovely to see an elephant steal and hide an adorable woman’s hat.

Another wildlife video going viral is bringing smiles to people’s faces all around the internet. When an enormous elephant decided to pull a prank on a woman who approached him for a photo, the whole world burst out laughing. In one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while, an elephant steals a woman’s hat and hides it in her mouth!

A woman’s buddy filming the scene snaps a little video of her standing next to a bull elephant. Only the elephant’s cleverness allowed him to take the woman’s hat and hide it in his mouth. Everyone laughed as the elephant moved, but he later returned the hat to the woman after she asked him to.

‘My sister just gave it to me,’ the woman can be heard saying. When the elephant returns the headgear, she asks respectfully. “Mac, can I get my hat back? Please?” She pleads, “Please… Please!”


It happened at a safari park in Zimbabwe, and the other tourists could capture it on camera! Watching this adorable video, you can clearly notice how kind and easily Mac the elephant is.

Here’s a video that will make your heart melt!

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