Woman discovers magnificent bug that defies belief.

Wildlife is the essence of uniqueness, perfection, bizarre experiences, and magnificent creatures! When we thought we’d seen it all, Mother Nature surprised us with something breathtaking. And I mean it!

Margaret Neville, from South Africa, had a routine day. She was admiring her flower-filled garden when she noticed something strangely attractive. Margaret noticed something unusual out of this planet. It was an insect, and the woman was awestruck. “I was stunned,” she remarked. Who wouldn’t? Look at it!

Margaret feared no one would believe her, so she took photos and sent them to Kerri Martinaglia, who initially thought it was a glass sculpture. “I felt she was a beautiful work of art,” she told the Dodo.

Margaret returned the bizarre insect to her lavender shrub, but not before naming it. Miss Frilly Pants it was. It was a ‘Flower Mantis,’ a subspecies of the praying mantis.

Naturally, Margaret’s buddy Martinaglia couldn’t resist posting the images on Facebook. And we’re so glad! Her post received tens of thousands of reactions. Also, Miss Frilly Pants is still there, according to Margaret. “She lived on my lavender for the whole of September.

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