A brave dog saved his family from harm by a mountain lion.

After a “big mountain lion” made its way into their backyard, a heroic dog risked his life to protect his family. Rock-steady in his resolve when confronted by a ferocious wild cat, Rocky the fearless dog stood his ground. As a result of his encounter with the ferocious beast, the dog was left critically damaged. Rocky was saved by the family he was trying to protect and lived to tell the tale.

Mary Padres from La Verne, California, heard her family’s two dogs howling furiously, so she stepped outside to investigate. As a result, the woman was shocked to discover a mountain lion lurking around her property. Rocky, the smaller two dogs, began to chase the wild cat away from the property.

According to the woman, “I panicked out as soon as I spotted it,” and she screamed, “Mountain lion!”.

Right in front of my face, the beast was glaring. It was colossal in scale.”

To prove to everyone that you don’t have to be a gigantic hero, Rocky kept chasing the mountain lion up the hillside close to their home. Rocky’s bravery allowed the cat to get lost in the undergrowth, but the dog sustained serious injuries as a result.

A veterinarian saved the gallant dog’s life, but it took nearly three dozen stitches to seal his wounds. Thankfully, he’s no longer in any danger. The entire family is incredibly proud of their dog, who was willing to give up his own life to protect them from harm.

“He chased the mountain lion to make sure I was okay,” Mary explained. ‘We weren’t going to allow that cat just take him because he fought for us,’ they said.

Surveillance footage captured the dramatic event… Check it out:

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