A heartwarming video shows a chimpanzee caring for a lion cub by bottle-feeding it.

Not just once, wildlife taught us what kindness is all about. It’s not just one time. Animals form bonds and care for each other in ways we can’t explain or understand when things are bad. Animals have maternal instincts, no matter what kind of animal they are. When they come across a person who needs help, they instinctively help them.

When we talk about gentle people, this caring chimpanzee is like them. One of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen shows a foster mom giving milk to an adorable little Lion Cub. Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer, first shared the heartwarming moment on Twitter, and it has been a hit ever since.

Though it isn’t clear where or when the video was shot, this chimpanzee is clearly very kind. The footage ends with a soft kiss on the lion’s forehead from the foster mom.

She said that the kiss from her foster mother at the end was lovely. Look around:

When they saw the cute scene, many people had their hearts broken. When they saw what was going on, their reaction was obvious. “Animals don’t belong to us,” one person said in writing. Another person said: “A mother’s love has no limits, boundaries, color, or species. It only wants to nurture, comfort, and help all children see its own child in all of them.”

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