Heartwarming footage shows a horse interested in its pregnant owner’s baby bump.

As far as we know, every animal loves kids. On the other hand, this gentle horse seems to go even further than most. His human sister has not yet been born, but the way she bonds with her is so sweet. This is so cute! When her owner started getting pregnant, the four-legged friend was very interested.

It will soon be Megan Vaughan’s turn to be a mother. Since she got pregnant, everyone has been more affectionate and careful with her. But recently, when her baby bump started to grow, a certain person was very interested in her pregnancy. It’s hard for her horse, Angel, to get enough of her bump.

Megan was moved by how quickly Angel and her sister could connect. She took a picture of the sweet moment her horse gently touched Megan’s belly with her nose. Everyone is now curious about Angel’s love for her soon-to-be-born sister after she posted a video of the two of them together on YouTube.


“Every time I’m with my horse, she has to check her belly.” Megan wrote a caption for the heartwarming video. “She’ll be a great big sister!” The heart-wrenching scene can be seen at this link:

When an animal sees a pregnant woman, it’s not the first time it gets excited and runs around. They don’t care if they’re pets, farm animals, or even wild animals. They all seem to be very interested in a pregnant woman’s baby bump. It doesn’t matter which animals you meet; they’re all sweethearts when it comes to meeting pregnant women!

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