A rainbow lorikeet kissed a koala that had been rescued.

Two very different people fall in love during a tender moment at a wildlife sanctuary in Australia. People were able to record the heartwarming moment. There are several photos taken at the Mosswood Wildlife Sanctuary in south-west Victoria. A colorful parrot is shown in one of them trying to get a kiss from one of the animals there.

Somebody may have been in love with the rainbow lorikeet, but it was hard to get him. Lorikeet: The bird was friendly, but the marsupial named Luther doesn’t seem too happy about it as he licks his nose after it hits it.

A Mosswood Wildlife rep said that the rainbow lorikeet was “all about the love today.” “I’m not sure if Luther liked it!”

Koalas and Lorikeets have been found and taken to the sanctuary, where both have been cared for. His mother died in an accident when he was almost one. Luther is now two. Fortunately, he was saved, and now he lives at Mosswood Wildlife with so much love around him (from everyone, apparently). When someone was walking through the city, they found a lorikeet on the ground and couldn’t fly, so they took him to the vet. He has also been living at the sanctuary where he now lives for a few months.

Although Mosswood sanctuary is home to many different kinds of animals, the lorikeet has a lot of love for Luther.

In Mosswood Sanctuary, Australia, Tracey Wilson told Daily Mail Australia that a volunteer was feeding the koala. Lorikeets are very out-of-the-box, so the koala decided to have a conversation with it. Someone had to start with it as a tiny bird to raise the tiny bird. He was the third lorikeet in this series when we first saw him. We’ve never had a baby lorikeet before.

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