After the baby elephant fell asleep in the sand, he left a perfect impression of his face in it.

After the cute baby elephants took a nap, they made a cute impression in the sand and in the hearts of the people who saw them. Calf Anjan, who was a year old at Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom, fell asleep on top of piles of sandy soil. His face and trunk were perfectly etched into the earth.

Facebook/Chester Zoo

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the perfect imprint the following day when they came to feed them breakfast. A picture of Anjan’s art that the zoo then shared went viral right away.

Facebook/Chester Zoo

Four hours a night, elephants lay on their sides to sleep, so Anjan had time to make his fantastic piece of animal art! The zoo said in a tweet.

Imprint: This one was made in the sand where the young Asian elephant bull, Anjan, had fallen asleep and left it behind
He can start making his unique animal art now that elephants lay on their sides to sleep for about four hours a night. ????
It was so unique that people even tried to bag the zoo to keep the sculpture from being destroyed. Soon after the photos were taken, the baby elephant stepped on it, so it was already too late.

This was a surprise to the zookeepers because elephants often sleep on their sides for hours. This means that Anjan must have had a good night’s sleep.

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