Dog misses mom and calls her; she can’t stop laughing when he ‘sings’ her.

Many people who own dogs wish they could pick up the phone and call their dog. When you’re away from home, you might call him to say hello or see how he’s spending his time. It turns out that dogs can’t talk on the phone. At least, not yet, though! However, that didn’t stop the person in the video below from going to check on her dog. You can see the video here.

Youtube/ Screenshot

Her husband, who was home with Stanley, the dog, decided to call the number and let Stanley take care of it. He has an immediate reaction when he hears the woman’s voice on the phone. This is likely to put a huge smile on your face. It’s clear that Stanley misses his mom a lot, and he has the best way to show it!

Youtube/ Screenshot

Are you being a good boy today? The woman asks. She said, “Tell me you love me.” The dog’s answer comes right away. It’s adorable when Mom tells him that she misses him, too. The sounds he makes are different from anything you’ve ever heard before. The person who says dogs can’t communicate to show their feelings hasn’t seen Stanley in action.

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