In heartwarming footage, a baby alpaca runs over and hugs its mother, making you feel happy.

There’s no better place than the animal world when it comes to making you feel better. This video is full of heartwarming scenes, and it doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Sierra Santiago and his little daughter didn’t expect to see the cutest thing ever happen at the Alpaca Boutique in Medina, Ohio. Yet, when an emotional moment happened right in front of their eyes, their hearts melted in a split second.

Screenshot via Youtube

As soon as I saw it, a baby alpaca ran over to its mother and gave her the biggest hug! Fortunately, Sierra took a picture of the moment on her cell phone, and the whole world fell in love with it. The short video starts with Sierra’s daughter stepping away from an alpaca. Then, a baby alpaca can be seen running to its mother and giving her a hug while standing on his hind limbs.

Screenshot via Youtube

When the woman later said that she had been feeding the animals, she said that the baby ran right up to her mother. People said “awww” at the end of the video.

Screenshot via Youtube

It isn’t clear what made the baby alpaca do what it did, but people on the internet are guessing what it was. When the little girl came near her mom, some people said the little one was angry. Someone perfectly captioned the moment in this picture: “She’s MY mommy, not yours!”

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