Dog excited to join the bear family in a pool.

Summer may be winding down, but pool time isn’t. Animals, like humans, want to dive to cool down. This adorable video reveals how this bear family beats the heat!

A mother bear and her two cubs are thrilled to spend time in a Los Angeles County family’s backyard pool. Plus, Daisy is ready to join the unusual visitors. He watched them via the glass with his family amused beside him.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

Tiffany Noel Kress and her husband Kevin were overjoyed when a family of bears visited their pool to cool off. But their dog was happiest. Daisy had first spotted the cuddly intruders. Daisy, a polite dog, always rings a bell to go outdoors. Then Tiffany rushed to open the door for Daisy, but she swiftly changed her mind after learning Daisy’s reasoning.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

Instead, she grabbed her phone and recorded a family of bears playing in her backyard pool. In recent months, the three bears were a frequent sighting for the Kress family. But they’ve never been so close.

INSTAGRAM/ tiffanynoelkress

Behind our house, we see these bears virtually every day, Tiffany remarked on Instagram. They finally came over the wall and jumped in the pool! Daisy was eager to meet her new pals.”

Daisy was eager to meet her neighbors, but her parents decided she should stay inside. Tiffany is heard stating, “I don’t think she can go out now!” So they all watched from the windows as Daisy rang her bell and barked. The bear’s pool time was short-lived as the cubs became tired and started a play battle outside the water. Their mother followed them back into the woods.

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