Wild bobcat makes extremely long water jump look easy.

Many fishermen fishing crabs in Pecan Island, Louisiana, saw something amazing. A wild bobcat’s incredible athleticism left everyone stunned. Thankfully, one of them had his phone out and captured the moment.

Bobcats, like most felines, are incredibly agile. They are natural climbers and swimmers. Thus the hunt for prey, even in water. Because bobcats are nocturnal and elusive, seeing one during the day is a rare treat. A gorgeous cat flying gracefully over a river is much better.


The bobcat was lazily wandering on a weir when it encountered a gape, forcing it to attempt an impossible jump. Contrary to their expectations, the bobcat made everything look simple. Flying over the sea, making the massive leap look absurd.

This incredible scene was captured on Pecan Island while fishing for blue crab. “Suddenly, a gigantic bobcat crossed the weir. It was raining, and I grabbed my phone, but he shocked us all.”

Although the now-viral video astonished everyone, bobcats routinely perform such jumps. “[The bobcat] is attempting to avoid getting wet,” Laurel Series, a wildlife biologist at the University of Cape Town, told Bored Panda. “It was probably hunting nearby and crossing the water.”

Watch the fantastic scene below:

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