An adorable moment of time The orphaned bear meets its human rescuer after a long time apart.

It is always heartwarming when orphaned animals meet up with the people who used to help them when they were sad. I like getting a big hug, even if it’s just for a small puppy or a huge wild animal. After a few years, this 800lb bear is reunited with his old friend. The results are adorable.

When a bear meets the man who used to look after her when she was a little cub, the footage is very sweet. There was a beautiful moment at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, which is a wildlife center in the town of Otisville, New York. It shows why people call these big animals “gentle.”

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Sonya was sad and scared when the rescuer brought her to the center after she lost her mother. She was just like any other animal that was left alone. Because of people like Jonathan, she learned to enjoy life again. Before Jonathan took care of Sonya, she was a tiny cub. Because the two spent a lot of time together, they became very close.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Sonya can’t be released into the wild, so she lives at the wildlife center all the time. That’s not the case anymore, though. Her old friend Jonathan came over to surprise her. In the past, the two haven’t seen each other for a long time. Jonathan doesn’t know if the bear would remember him.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

Video shows that Sonya did not just recognize the man who raised her right away. She was so happy to see him again.

The center says that when she was a cub, Johnathan used to be one of her caregivers. A long time ago, he came to see her to see if she could remember him. When she was little, she not only remembered Johnathan, but also the game they used to play.

It was just like they did in the old days. You must see this beautiful moment:

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