Dolphins are always curious, so this one swims right up to the shore to play with the dog.

A dolphin and a dog meet at the beach in a scene never seen before. So even though these two species don’t get along, dogs and dolphins love each other very much. We’ve often seen them have fun together, and this one is no exception!

This is a story about how Anastasia Vinnikova took her dog Patrick for a walk on a beach when she had the time of her life. In Crimea, Anastasia saw a group of dolphins swimming very close to the beach at Opuk beach, so the two of them went to watch. They can get even closer. She didn’t know this, though.

Instagram/ zvezdopad_vospominanij

Then, suddenly, a dolphin came close to the shore and tried to play with the dog. Driven by curiosity, the dog was drawn to the friendly sea creature. It didn’t take long for the two to start playing chase through the calm waves.

Instagram/ zvezdopad_vospominanij

For a few minutes, the dolphin came up to the beach on its own. It went back into the water but came right up to the beach a few times. As Patrick chases the animal into the water, he almost hits the animal’s tail with his hand.

Instagram/ zvezdopad_vospominanij

A video of the heartwarming moment was taken and posted on Anastasia’s blog. People can’t get enough of it. “Patrick has touched a dolphin, but I haven’t.” Video: “No one was hurt.” Dolphins are swimming close to the shore to look for fish, so they can get them.

Watch it here:

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