A motorcyclist came to the rescue of a tiny kitten who was stuck on a busy road.

Motorcyclist: This is the cute moment when a quick-thinking rider saves a kitten’s life! There were a lot of cars on the Belgian road where the animal got stuck. The dramatic rescue was caught on camera by the motorcyclist’s helmet.

Screenshot via YouTube

It’s not clear how the animal got there in the first place. Most likely, someone left her in the forest near the road. This hero stepped up and saved the day! He was on his way to Mons, Belgium, when he saw a tiny orange kitten in the middle of the road. The man’s name was Leroy Quentin. He swerved to avoid the helpless kitten, then he pulled over a few feet away and came back to look. At the same time, a second driver slowed down, and then they both worked together to stop traffic as they neared the little creature.

Screenshot via YouTube

Motorcyclist: When he was sure that the people coming toward them saw them, he picked up the kitten to see if she had been hurt. He was kind, but the man couldn’t take the kitten to his house because he was allergic to cats.

The helpless kitten looks so confused as the motocyclist tries to comfort her (Screenshot via YouTube)

“Come here, you. I’ll try to make you feel better,” the motorcyclist tells the kitten. Come. In a little while, what are you going to do? Quentin can hearsay, “Oh, little one” (translated from French). Then he tells the other driver why he can’t take the kitten with him. “I’ve brought him here, but I’m allergic to him, so I can’t. I can’t leave him alone.

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This is a good thing. The kitten is so cute that the other driver agreed to take it to safety, which is good. So, he took her to a shelter in Mons near where he lived. She was named Silky here, and now she’s in a foster home until someone adopts her. All because of this brave and kind man!

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