A Wildlife Photographer Captures A Giant Brahmin Moth With Tiger Eye Wings (video)

Many of us rely on wildlife photographers to keep in contact with the planet’s most unusual and unique creatures. We wouldn’t even know some creatures’ looks without them. Consider rare and endangered animals like Philippine eagles and white-bellied pangolins, which have been photographed long before they became extinct.

David Weiller, a nature photographer, recently showed us the Brahmaea hearseyi moth. David Weiller, a wildlife photographer from France, told Bored Panda he got into wildlife photography in 2008 while traveling to Africa with Thomas Marent to capture primates for his book “Like Us: Encounters with Primates”.

Northeast Himalayan, Western China, Sundaland (Burma), and Philippine species. Weiller found the odd moth in Sabah, Borneo. “It was attracted to the light of my rainforest hut at night. I was stunned when I saw it, newly hatched and patterned. Then it rested on a neighboring tree trunk for the night,” he told Boredpanda. The photographer captured magnificent HD footage of the moth’s markings while sitting comfortably on a branch.

This was a straightforward snap, moths are reasonably easy to photograph in the frigid hours of the early morning as they are not warm enough to fly away and stay quite stationary. It was still there the next morning, at dawn. I put up my tripod, camera, and macro lens and started taking photos and movies of it flapping its wings to warm up. Soon after, the sun rose, and it sailed out into the blue sky.”

This Brahmin moth is from the Brahmaeidae family. Their family includes 7 genera and almost 40 moth species. Their exquisite wing designs instantly fascinate everybody who sees them. Brahmaea hearseyi has brown wings that resemble a tiger’s eyes. Watch the video below:

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