After his dog was told he had cancer, a man takes him on one last, epic road trip.

One of the best things about life is having a pet. It is a living thing that loves you no matter what and is always happy to see you. I can’t count how many times I had a bad day at school, but my dog made me feel better as soon as I got home. It hurts us so much when something goes wrong with our pets. So, when Robert Kugler found out that his dog Bella was sick, he did everything to help her and make her happy.

This is Bella and Robert. They look like they belong together.

Bella was recently told she has osteosarcoma or bone cancer. The vet said to him that her left leg needed to be cut off or that she should be put down because she was in pain. Robert chose to have the operation.

Bella’s cancer had spread to her lungs, which was bad. She was told she had only 3–6 months left to live.

So Robert decided that he wanted to make the last part of her life as special as possible. So he took Bella on a cross-country trip.

Kugler had just graduated from college and was ready to enter the tough job market. All of that, though, was put on hold. He had to be there for Bella, he knew.

They went to places in the Northeast, Chicago, and Florida during their trips together.

Kugler is from Nebraska, and when they got back from their trip, it didn’t feel like it was over.

Kugler said, “The journey wasn’t over, but here we were, back where we started as if we had never left.”

As soon as they could go again, nothing could stop them.

This time, they went to different places. They stopped in Southern Missouri, Nashville, and Kentucky on their way.

Even though Bella was diagnosed with cancer 14 months ago, she and Edward are still traveling together.

Bella also looks like she is doing well.

Kugler even says that she is “pretty darn awesome.” I think it was great that Robert had Bella get the surgery. He tried to spend as much time as he could with his dog.

Who knows, maybe Bella will live for 10 more years. What a cool thing that would be! I hope that Robert tells everyone about Bella and what she and Robert are doing. They really make a great pair.

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