On Saturday night, the animal got out of its stable in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, because the gate was broken by bad weather. The following day, the donkey was found stuck in a field, surrounded by deep floodwater. This happened because a nearby river went over its banks. Animal Heaven Animal Rescue asked for help to save the donkey after getting a call from his owner.

Mike Fleming, a member of the Killorglin Rowing Club, found out about it. He and a group of people from the animal shelter were able to get a rope and a floatation device around the donkey and pull him to shore. A spokeswoman for Animal Heaven Animal Rescue said that the donkey, now named Mike after the person who saved him, is getting better at the animal shelter while his stable is fixed. Suzanne Gibbons, who started the shelter, said, “He is now dried with towels, eating a hot mash, and cozy and warm. Our vet has seen him and given him antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.” He has a little bit of fluid in one lung, but our vet said he will be fine. All he needs is a lot of love and care.”

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