A cute fawn that a little boy made friends with while playing outside.

A mother was amazed when her only child, who was only 4 years old, showed up at the door with a wild deer. When the woman opened the door and saw the strange pair, she couldn’t believe what she saw. The wild animal seemed to enjoy being with the boy as if they had known each other for years.

Stephanie Brown and her family had just spent a few days at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia. They were about to go back to their home in Ragged Point Beach. But while they were in the room packing up, Dominic went outside to play. But soon after, Stephanie was surprised to see the four-year-old boy on the front porch with a deer.

Facebook/Stephanie Orrantia

“I was stunned. I was like, ‘No way. The mother told ABC NEWS, “My mind is messing with me.” “It wasn’t strange for him, but it was so strange. They were perfect together.”

Even though Stephanie thought she was dreaming, she took out her phone and took a few pictures of the two cute friends. She even posted a picture of the moment on Facebook, and people fell in love with the two people who didn’t seem to go together. No one could figure out why the deer seemed so at ease when she was with her human friend.

Facebook/Stephanie Orrantia

“They both look like this is something they do every day. “They are both so sweet,” someone wrote. “Your son and his friend are so cute. “Great picture,” said someone else. “They seem like friends,” wrote someone else.

Even though they couldn’t take the cute fawn home with them, they named her Flash after a character from DC Comics. Dominic hopes to see his friend again next year, even though they couldn’t take Flash with them.

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