A man builds a custom kayak so he can go on adventures with his dogs.

As a dog lover, I only want to hang out with my two four-legged friends as much as possible. I’m sure that every dog owner out there has had this feeling. Since these beautiful animals are a part of our lives, we want to ensure they can come with us wherever we go.

This retired orthopedic surgeon had this in mind when he decided to change his kayak so he and his two furry friends could all fit in it. David Bahnson from Vermont wanted to spend time with his Golden Retrievers and kayaking. He found the perfect way to do both.

Mr. Bahnson gave up some space in his kayak by making a well-designed “dog-shaped hole.” A place that is just right for a dog. That was before they had more children. David just made a second dog-shaped hole after the Bahnsons got another dog. That gives him a wonderful chance to take both Susie and Ginger kayaking with him.

Mr. Bahnson told Huffington Post UK, “Our dogs have always loved to travel with us in cars, in my plane, and on boats.” “It seemed like a good idea to build a way for them to kayak with us, and the boats are fun to build anyway.”

Now, the “triple kayak” is the right size for the two dogs and their dad. From the first time they went kayaking, it was clear that the dogs loved it.

The devoted man said, “They seem to like it.” “They get excited when we pull out the kayaks and show them that we’re going somewhere. They are taught to get into the kayak independently when told to. After they sit down, we leave.

“I love my dogs. I love training them because they are so friendly. We’ve paddled with our dogs for miles and miles. They just like going places a lot.”

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