Thousands of bees chased a car for two days to get to the queen stuck in the back.

Imagine you’re walking through town and seeing tens of thousands of bees swarming a car. Wouldn’t that be like a story from a book? Well, believe it or not, that’s what the people of Haverfordwest, which is in West Wales, saw. Everyone was curious about what a swarm of bees had to do with an SUV car. The answer is easy: they were trying to save their queen.

It seems that the queen bee broke into 68-year-old Carol Howarth’s Mitsubishi Outlander while at a nature reserve a few miles from her home. Because the bees are so loyal to their leader, tens of thousands of honeybees begin to chase the car.

A few hours after that, Carol went shopping at a nearby store. The “big brown splodge” was seen by a local ranger, who told some beekeepers about it. The man feared the bees would not be cared for well.

A Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger named Tom Moses said, “I was driving through town when I saw it.” “Cars slowed down, and people took pictures of it. I was a little worried that someone might get hurt or hurt the bees because it was outside a pub in the middle of town.”

The problem seemed to be fixed as soon as the beekeepers got there. But there was no contest. “When I got home the next day, I saw that some of the bees had followed me,” Carol said. Again, she called the beekeepers. This time, though, they finally figured out what was going on.

Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers said, “The bee probably liked something in the car, maybe something sweet, and got in through a hole in the boot wiper blade or the hinge.” “About 20,000 insects had followed her and were sitting on the trunk of the car.”

The bees and their queen have been found, and no one was hurt in the process. Roger has been keeping bees for almost 30 years, and that was the strangest thing ever happening to him.

(Featured image credits Andrew Ranta/Flickr)

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