A baby lizard Had Fallen Asleep Inside A Rose.

Nature, as ordinary as it seems, never stops working to astonish us with its amazing elegance. A household in Texas was lucky enough to lay their sight on an incredible nature masterpiece. A tiny lizard had actually slept inside a rose. This lucky Texan family member had mistakenly seen this baby lizard sleeping. It exactly resembles it's from a Disney motion picture! The child in the family had obtained her…

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A photographer captures a rare moment of rodeo ride among a frog and a beetle.

Wildlife photography is one of the interesting areas for every photographer. They enable to capture, funny, and rare moments of wild animals. There are photographers who specialized in wildlife photography. A talented wildlife photographer in Indonesia has captured a weird moment of a frog and giant horned wood-coring beetle. This photo shows a tree frog is going on a wild rodeo ride on the giant horned wood-coring beetle’s back. The…

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Flying Snake
Flying Snake

Sri Lankan Flying Snake

Habitat Flying Snake is a tree species with the most colorful and unique snakes in Asia. Two snakes represent Sri Lanka, and the Flying Snake has been an endemic species to us for a long time and can be considered a snake that has increased the reptile specificity of our country. A science paper published in 2015 scientifically confirms the distribution of Flying Snake in the Indian subcontinent and has…

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green pit viper
green pit viper

Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper

Habitat And Size The Green Pit Viper is the only endemic species of snakes. Named Green Pit Viper due to its green body, it is one of the most popular snakes in Sri Lanka. Apart from the highlands and arid regions of Sri Lanka, it extends from the dry zone to the central highlands and the lowland wet zone. The population found in the dry zone is slightly lighter in…

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