Brown-headed barbetBrown-headed barbet


The rose apple tree glows redder than other times. Parrots, squirrels, and yellow birds came to the rose apple tree from time to time and filled their stomachs without much fuss. The whole atmosphere was swaying in the same rhythm. Suddenly there was a commotion on the side of the rose apple tree. Rose apple, who was falling one by one, set aside his rhythm and fell five or ten at once. A moment later, a noise was heard from the side of the dining table. I step into the yard to find out why the birds are so scared. A small green bird was threatening and biting the squirrels and birds coming to the table. This disturbed bird is Brown-headed barbet. The squirrels quickly ran along the mango tree to escape the sharp beak.

Brown-headed barbet

Brown-headed barbet

Habitat And Size

Among the tropics that live in the tropics worldwide, the Brown-headed barbet is a bird endemic to the Indian subcontinent. Common in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It has a short brown neck, a fairly large head, and short legs, and The eyes are located in the middle of a yellow spot. The beak is sharp. The body is green—a restless bird.
The Brown-headed barbet mainly eats fruits. Rose apple and papaya trees are common. This bird is also known as the Rose apple woodpecker in some areas, joint in mango trees. In addition to fruits, the coconut squirrel does not hesitate to eat small flying insects. However, It lives in a hut that digs up the trunks of decaying trees with a sharp beak. The breeding season of the Brown-headed barbet begins in mid-February. It lasts until July. In the past, it reported extending from May to September. They laid Between 2 and 4 eggs at a time. The pair of Brown-headed barbet lay eggs alternately.

Brown-headed barbet

Brown-headed barbet

It stands out from the rest because of its agility and aggression. Lives in open areas rather than densely populated areas.

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