30 Animals Photos that People To Say ‘Hi’30 Animals Photos that People To Say ‘Hi’

1. A Deer Visits This Cat Every Morning In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

animals visiting peoplereddit.com

2. My Parents Started Feeding A Stray Kitten A Couple Weeks Ago. This Was Their Front Porch Today

animals visiting peopleBig_Wanker

3. Over Time This Handsome Guy Became Very Comfortable In My Friend’s Backyard

animals visiting peoplebodymindisoneword

4. I Just Moved In And Some Neighbors Came By To Say Hi

animals visiting peoplealphaBetayammaX

5. This Little Guy Jumped Onto Our Boat, Strolled Into The Cabin And Made Himself At Home On The Couch

animals visiting peopleOsbaston

6. Oh Deer…

animals visiting peoplemalakistiri

7. Bear Smells Brownies, Tries To Get Inside


8. This Little Guy Has Been Hanging Out Around My Work

animals visiting peopleIntothisplace

9. Found This Little Guy Peeking Through My Window

animals visiting peoplemendara

10. This Is What You See When You Turn Your Porch Light On In Arkansas


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