The Penguin That Swims 8,000 Km To See Its Buddy

This is an adorable tale of 2 best friends who aren’t of the exact same varieties. Joao Pereira de Souza, an angler that was 71 years old, found a little penguin passing away in oil. He rescued it and brought it back to its wellness in his village in Brazil. The Penguin gained its name ‘Dindim.’

Dindim lived with Joao for around 11 months until he expanded a brand-new layer of feathers. It left as quickly as it could swim. The old fisherman believed that Dindim would never return. However, the Penguin went back to see his pal in June. Dindim keeps returning to his friend in Brazil every June and spends time with him for months. Check out the images as well as the video listed below! Share your ideas with us in the comment section! More info & Picture courtesy: BP

Individuals presume that Dindim invests its time on the coastlines of Argentina because that’s the closest swarm they know of. When Dindim returns, he doesn’t let any human touch it. Only his close friend Joao can love it, bring, feed or shower it. They are life-long buddies with a heart-melting relationship.

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