See How The Big Bear Enters The Police Station

In scenes that seem unbelievably unbelievable, a giant black bear walks leisurely to a police station in California, just as the place belongs to him. This moment was captured on surveillance cameras.

It was just a typical office day for California Highway Patrol officers near Lake Tahoe, and they faced a situation they never expected. They used to climb their doorsteps with all sorts of people, and when they woke up with a bear in the room they were all in disbelief.
The short footage shows a large bear accidentally opening the door and then walking with his hind legs to the facility. For a moment, the unexpected guest looks at two vending machines placed near the front door, and then he continues his investigation through the office.

CHP – Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

But the harder the bear goes out, the faster it enters the building. Seconds after he is caught on camera, two officers chase after him and find the way out of the beast. He then lost his way in the parking lot before entering the woods. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident. More than that, the officials made fun of the situation.

The bear population in California has risen sharply over the past two decades, reaching nearly 40,000 people, according to the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Officials are alerting the public to be on the lookout for a bear and to be very careful.

CHP – Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

“In these cases, the bears are no longer vigilant and fearful around humans,” officials said. “This could result in property damage and a threat to human safety.”

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